New 5G Smartphone Chip Launched By Qualcomm


    Today, Qualcomm, a tech giant, revealed its second generation of chips that will allow smartphones to connect to 5G technology. It comes as a bid to fast-track the rollout of the new network.

    The chipmaker is based in the United States of America. It said that the so-called modem chip is designed to support the global 5G rollout and can also work on 4G networks. It will reportedly support greater flexibility for operators during the transition period.

    The new chip comes as telecoms firms race to build the technology that is needed to support 5G tech. Rivals Samsung and Huawei have both developed modem chips that will be used in their own phones.

    Cristiano Amon, the President of Qualcomm, stated: “With significant evolution in capabilities and performance, our second generation commercial 5G modem is a true testament to the maturity and leadership of our 5G technology.”

    He added: “We expect our 5G platform to accelerate 5G commercial momentum and power virtually all 5G launches in 2019 while significantly expanding the global 5G rollout footprint.”

    The new launch comes as Samsung is making preparations to unveil a series of new smartphone models, which some analysts predict could already include a 5G version.

    While many Android manufacturers are expected to launch 5G-enabled phones, Apple has not yet revealed when it is planning to release a phone that will be able to support the new network.

    Qualcomm has been involved in a bitter legal dispute with Apple amid the complaints that some models of Apple’s iPhones violated one of the patents of the chipmaker.

    In 2018, Qualcomm was able to win a case in Germany that stopped Apple from selling some of its older models in the country. Apple has completely dropped the chips of Qualcomm from all of its new iPhone models in favour of Intel, however, Qualcomm continues to serve as the supplier its chips for some of the older models.