New Barclaycard Technology Enables People to Walk Out of a Restaurant Even Without Waiting for the Bill


    A survey that was conducted by Barclaycard revealed that one of the most frustrating parts of eating out is waiting for the bill. Thus, the payment business has introduced a new technology which enables diners to simply walk out after they finished eating their meal.

    The “Dine & Dash” technology, which is being tested at Prezzo’s St Martins Lane Avenue branch. It gives customers the choice of tapping a “totem” box that is located in the middle of their table using their smartphones to check in.

    Diners then order their food as usual, before they walk out – without waiting for their bill, which will be charged to the app that is installed on their phone automatically.

    Nick Kerigan of Barclaycard stated: “Building on our experience in ‘invisible payments,’ we wanted to create an innovative solution that removes any barriers to enjoying the meal while also helping restaurants deliver great service and keep those diners coming back.”

    For anyone who is thinking of doing a runner, Barclaycard has tackled it first. The table totem shifts in colour to determine a successful payment, while the Dine & Dash app also enables their customers to view their bills in real time, split the cost between individuals, and add a tip.

    According to a research that was conducted by Barclaycard, 38 percent of the diners want to avoid waiting for the bill, and 67 percent of the owners of restaurants are in favour of an “invisibill” payment method to help improve their services and customer satisfaction.

    60 percent of the restaurant owners have also observed customers leave without paying for their bill – meaning that the majority are in favour of making use some sort of technology to help improve the payment methods.