New Filters of Snapchat Allow Advertisers to Make Use of Personal Information to Target You

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Snapchat is allowing advertisers make use of personal information in order to target users with new filters.

Brands are now able to target specific audiences based on their gender, age, interests and even the time of day.

The application is calling its new feature as “audience filters.”

The said features should be significantly more useful to advertisers than the geofilters, which only allows them to reach users in specific locations.

Adage reported that Quaker Oats is one of those brands that have already tried out the said feature.

It targeted working professionals and mothers and tweaked the message on the filter in order to suit the time of day.

The director of digital strategy at PepsiCo North America Nutrition, Abhishek Jadon, informed Adage:  “Geofilters and audience filters have fundamentally different targeting strengths.”

“Geofilters allow you to target very granular geographic areas, whereas audience filters can be targeted based on a host of behavioural attributes.”

The app is experiencing fierce competition from Facebook. WhatsApp and Instagram, which have features that are similar to its Stories feature.

Snapchat is set to undergo a drastic redesign in order to make it easier to navigate the app and attract more users.

Earlier in November, the app started rolling out a tool that they called “Snap Pixel,” which allows advertisers to track what users do online after viewing one of their ads and gather information about the user.