New Kiosk of CaliBurger Makes Use of Facial Recognition to Take Orders

By Ahardeefortm [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Cashier-less ordering kiosks are becoming more commonplace at various fast food restaurants including McDonald’s and Wendy’s. However, CaliBurger, a Golden State burger chain, is taking that a step further with its new self-ordering kiosks that use facial-recognition and AI technology to order, pay and log into the loyalty/rewards program of the chain. It will even remember your crazy custom order to boot.

“Our goal is to replace credit card swipes with face-based payments,” said John Miller., the parent company CEO, in a press release. Security and the underlying recognition technology are being managed by NEC Corporation. While this all sounds incredibly convenient, it is basically just a high-tech way of pulling up the customer’s favourite order the way that they would via a mobile-ordering app.

For now, the tech’s pilot program is only available at the Pasadena test store of the burger chain. However, CaliBurger disclosed that if it is proven to be a success, there will be a global rollout in 2018. If people will remember, that is the same location where CaliBurger tested out robotic burger-flipping. However, unlike that test, this one appears to be expressly designed to eliminate human employees.