New Rules Allow New Lib-Dems Leader To Not Be A Member Of The Parliament

    Photo by University of Essex via Flickr

    The next party leader of the Liberal Democrat may not have to be a member of parliament.

    Sir Vince Cable, the current leader of the party, is anticipated to reveal reforms to allow candidates who are outside of the existing 12 MPs of the party to run for office, as he aims to push for deeper involvement for the supporters in its internal election process.

    On the 7th of September, Cable is set to announce a registered supporters scheme aimed for the Liberal Democrats. It replicates a similar model that allowed 180,000 people to vote in the Labour leadership elections.

    The rules will also be modified so that the supporters must have registered at least 12 months prior to the voting, in order to impose a crackdown on vote rigging and unwelcome infiltration.

    However, during an interview with the BBC, some representatives of the party downplayed the earlier reports that were released in the Sunday Times that the said initiative is part of a timetable for Cable to step down from his position.

    A spokesperson for the Lib Dem played down the reports in the Sunday Times that Sir Vince has plans to stand down.

    They said that he had no plans of leaving “any time soon”.

    Last month, Cable came under fire after missing a key Brexit vote in the House of Commons over the amendments to the Customs Bill.

    It has been implied that Cable is hoping to follow the success of Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, with the 7th of September plans, whose party leapt from third place to secure power in 2015.

    The Lib Dem leader said that engaging members and a wider body of supporters in voting for their leader and the candidates had been very crucial to their rise.

    During his speech in the spring conference of this year, he stated: “I am determined that we Liberal Democrats should lead a new groundswell for political renewal.”

    A consultation over the said changes is anticipated to last several for months.