New Service of Walmart Does Your Shopping When You Send It a Text

Photo by Mike Mozart from Flickr

Walmart has been attempting to boost up its remote shopping efforts. It even includes the expansion of its grocery delivery with Postmates and featuring more of its ‘pickup towers’ for orders online. During a shareholder meeting that was held today, the retail giant formally revealed its next project: A new service that is out of the incubator Store No. 8 of the company that allows users order items with the use of a text message.

The public first heard hints of the said platform that is called Jetblack last December. The project is reportedly been beta testing in the City of New York in the United States and will expand to other markets in the US at some point. The said service will cost members $50 per month, and it will grant access to personal shoppers. Customers can even ask them for recommendations, choose between photos of various products, and place their orders — all via text messaging. Membership includes gift-wrapping, returns, delivery, but not groceries. The service would not be limited to the products offered by Walmart or (which the retail company bought in 2016); The shoppers of Jetblack will send the customers items from Pottery Barn, Saks, other retailers.

While the service probably would not be for everyone, it is another experiment in the bid of Walmart to win over more shoppers from Amazon, its biggest rival. Both the companies are attempting to innovate new ways to buy, with the latter testing out cashier-less convenience stores and AR tools.