New Sheriffs For The City of London has in town

    Photo by DAVID HOLT from Flickr

    While sheriffs might be well-known for taking on Robin Hood or clutching their gun holsters, they have taken to the limelight in the City today for a very different reason.

    Today, the historic annual election of sheriffs in the City of London has taken place, as Elizabeth Green and Vincent Keaveny were elected to one of the oldest civic offices of the country.

    Every year after after Midsummer day, two sheriffs are voted in in one of the key calendar dates for the governing body for the financial district of London, the City of London Corporation.

    The roles of the new sheriff, which combine modern day duties with traditional ceremonial routine, involve supporting the lord mayor, as well as serving as business ambassadors.

    The records of Keaveny boasts a background in financial law. He served on the Committee of the City of London Law Society from 2006 to 2013 and was acting as its president in 2014 and 2015. He is currently a partner at DLA Piper, an international law firm. He was born in Ireland and is a financial expert who advises companies and banks throughout the United Kingdom and Europe on finance, banking, and capital markets matters.

    Green has a background in retail. She is currently the director of her own farming company that is located in Suffolk.

    In their new roles as sheriffs, Green and Keaveny will be making both foreign and domestic business visits with the target of drumming up the business for the Square Mile.

    The pair will also officiate at some sessions at the Central Criminal Court in the Old Bailey, where they will work and have accommodation.

    Way back in the seventh century, sheriffs got their name from being “shire reeves” that collected the royal revenues during the medieval times.

    The new sheriffs are voted in by the liverymen of the City of London livery companies at Guildhall. The City of London livery companies comprises the ancient and modern trade associations and guilds of London.

    Traditionally, the office of the sheriff has been a prerequisite to becoming the lord mayor.

    Green and Keaveny will be succeeding Neil Redcliffe and Alderman Timothy Hailes.