New Ways to Earn Money Introduced To Youtubers


YouTube has introduced a new feature that allows the vloggers to directly sell their merchandise on the video streaming website.

The video site formed a partnership with Teespring, a merchandising platform. The team-up will allow YouTubers that have more than 10,000 followers to design and directly sell their own creations to their fans via a built-in hub on their channel. The YouTubers can now be able to choose from more than 20 merch items that they can offer to their audience, including hoodies, tees, and other accessories such as pillows.

The new feature that was announced by the video streaming company is a part of a series of features that were recently announced that aims to help the content creators of YouTube to monetise their output.

Those members that a minimum of 100,000 subscribers will also be allowed to offer membership of their channel. The followers may be required to pay $4.99 per month to access the exclusive content from their most-loved Youtube personalities. This includes exclusive access to emoji, badges, members-only videos, shoutouts, and livestreams, among other perks.

The new feature is exactly what YouTube was already doing with Sponsorships, even though that was only available to a small group of YouTubers. If you are a creator but you are not able to meet the threshold of 100,000 subscribers, YouTube says that it is hoping to bring Channel Memberships to much more people in the coming months.

One other addition will enable the creators to make a landing page where they can hold a “premiere” for their new video, alongside with a live chat feature.

The said move to enable the users to directly purchase merchandise on video pages hits back at Instagram which earlier this year, launched a way to make posts shoppable.

Yesterday, Instagram heightened its rivalry with YouTube with the announcement of IGTV, its own long-form video app.