Next Generation of Government Will “Improve or Undo” Brexit Terms, Warns Former Education Secretary Justine Greening


A former minister has warned that Brexit will be reversed by the next generation if the government does not ensure that it works for young people.

Marking her first Commons speech since she stepped down as education secretary during the surprising reshuffle last week, Justine Greening said that future MPs would eventually “seek to improve or undo” the terms on which the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

Talking from the backbenches during a debate regarding the EU Withdrawal Bill, the MP for Putney stated: “I represent a very young constituency here in London.

“The bottom line is that looking ahead if Brexit doesn’t work for young people in our country, in the end, it will not be sustainable.

“When they take their place here, they will seek to improve or undo what we’ve done and make it work for them.

“So we do absolutely have a duty in this House to look ahead and ensure that whatever we get is sustainable and works for them.”

The said Bill is receiving a third reading today prior to appearing before the House of Lords, which it is anticipated by the end of this month.