NHS Launches New App To Make Booking Appointments Easier


Today, the government has revealed its plans for an NHS mobile app that is free to use. The said app aims to make accessing health services easier and quicker for people across the United Kingdom.

The app does not only give the patients a remote access to their medical records, but it also enables them to make appointments using their GP, order repeat prescriptions, and see their medical files that are held by the surgery. They can also receive medical advice from the 111 service.

Jeremy Hunt, the health and social care secretary, stated: “Technology has transformed everyday life when it comes to banking, travel and shopping. Health matters much more to all of us, and the prize of that same digital revolution in healthcare isn’t just convenience but lives improved, extended and saved.”

The majority of the functions the app that is offered to the users can already be used online, even though it is believed that making them available through a smartphone app will increase the use of these tools of the patients and give the people greater and better control over their health.

Matthew Swindells, the national director of operations and information of NHS England, stated: “The new app will take the NHS to a world-leading position by empowering all our patients using digital technology to take charge of their own healthcare and contact the NHS in a way that suits them.”

The app has been developed by NHS England and NHS Digital. It can also be used to manage the preferences that relate to organ donation sign up, how the patient information is utilised, and even end-of-life care.

The testing of the app begins this coming September and it will be available for anyone in England to download for both Android and iOS devices starting December of this year.