Nick Clegg Set to be Knighted in New Year Honours

    Photo by Liberal Democrats/Flickr

    According to reports, Nick Clegg, the former deputy prime minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats, will be given a knighthood in the New Year Honours.

    According to senior Lib Dem sources that were cited by the Daily Mail, the said honour will be revealed on Saturday,

    Clegg led his party into a coalition government with the Conservatives from 2010 to 2015. He lost his seat in Parliament in the General Election this year to Jared O’Mara of Labour, after being able to hold it in 2015 as his party was nearly wiped out.

    He has since authored a book called How to Stop Brexit that was published in October, as well as making constant interventions in the Brexit debate in some newspapers and other media.

    Clegg, himself, played a significant part in the Brexit referendum: David Cameron, the former Prime Minister, is widely perceived to have included a pledge to stage a referendum on withdrawing from the European Union because he assumed that the coalition partners of the Lib Dem would veto it. The Conservatives then gained an unexpected majority, pushing Cameron to hold the said vote.

    Prior to entering Parliament in 2005, Clegg served as an international trade negotiator and as an MEP in the executive arm of the European Union, the European Commission. He became the leader of the Lib Dem in 2007.