Nissan Set to Test Self-driving Taxi Service in Japan in 2018


Nissan wants to have the fully-automated ride service of the company in the roads of Japan by the early 2020s. The plan is, to begin with a “public field test” for the company’s Easy Ride service in Yokohama. Nissan has collaborated with DeNa, a technology company, for the venture, and the hope is to have everything accessible from the pick-up to the payment and the drop-off through a mobile app. If users would want to take the scenic route to their destination, various options will be made available for that as well.

With the Tokyo Olympics about to happen in 2020, Nissan probably wants to have all the kinks worked out before then. The autonomous Leaf EVs have already been tested in Britain. However, the roads of Japan might prove a little more difficult compared to the various roundabouts that the company encountered during a drive in March. Sign-ups for the said test are currently ongoing through the 15th of January 2018.