No Bank Holiday for Royal Wedding

    Photo via Us Weekly

    Downing Street has announced that the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not be a national holiday.

    News of the engagement of the pair had sparked hopes that the workers of the country would be given a day off on the day of the wedding in 2018.

    However, the official spokesperson of Theresa May stated: “There are no plans for a Bank Holiday.

    “There isn’t a precedent in this area.”

    The spokesperson pointed out that there were no Bank Holidays to mark the nuptials of Prince Edward in 1999 or Prince Andrew in 1986.

    However, a Bank Holiday was observed for the wedding of Princess Anne in 1973, who like Harry, was not an immediate heir to the throne but was behind her brothers in the line for succession.

    In 2011, a Bank Holiday was declared throughout the United Kingdom for the wedding day of Prince William to Kate Middleton, and the country was given the day off for the marriage of the Prince of Wales to Diana Spencer in 1981.

    On Monday morning, the couple revealed their engagement following a sixteen-month romance, prompting requests on social media for the country to have the day off.

    His brother, Prince William, is much further up in the line of succession than Prince Harry, being the second in line to the throne.

    Prince Harry has fallen to fifth behind his niece and nephew Princess Charlotte and Prince George. He will drop to sixth once the new baby of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is born.

    Clarence House announced that the wedding will happen in the spring, although no further information about the occasion has yet been revealed as to the date or the venue.

    It is thought that it is not likely to take place in April, as this is when the new royal baby is due to be born.

    Politicians across the political spectrum have sent their messages of congratulations to Prince Harry and his fiancee who is an American actress.

    Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, who said that he hoped the couple would have “a lot of fun together,” had pledged the nation an extra four bank holidays in the election manifesto of the party.