O2 Set To Test 5G Equipment Of Huawei Despite Concerns On Security And Political Tensions


O2, a British mobile phone network provider, will go ahead with testing the 5G equipment of Huawei in the New Year. The trial comes despite the increasing political tension that is surrounding the Chinese telecoms company.

It will be the first time that the equipment is utilised in the United Kingdom since the concerns regarding the security of the company were raised by both the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Despite the warnings that the firm could not be trusted to deliver the 5G technology, O2 is set to test the new generation of mobile internet at 200 cell sites across London, while rivals Vodafone and EE have already agreed to some conducted trials with the equipment of Huawei.

A spokesperson of O2 said that the trials would involve the replacement of the equipment of Nokia for Huawei’s.

The spokesperson stated: “We are testing Huawei radio equipment before we deploy it on some of our cell sites in London.”

He added: “We do this with all vendors in order to drive optimum network performance for our customers.”

The new 5G networks are expected to offer faster services to consumers. It will also support an increasing number of industrial applications.

In Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, governments have frozen Huawei out from being involved in 5G builds, however, telecoms executives in the United Kingdom claim that it would delay the rolling out of the latest mobile internet by up to a year.

The announcement of the trial comes during a time of intensifying political pressure on the Chinese company amidst the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, its chief financial officer, who is also the daughter of its founder.

Earlier this month, Wanzhou was arrested in Canada for violating the sanctions that were imposed on Iran by utilising a subsidiary of Huawei.