OBR report cautions of ‘nasty surprises’ for UK but Brexit divorce expense ‘postures no danger’


We voted Brexit!’ Farage rips apart LBC caller who wishes to REVERSE referendum outcome

NIGEL FARAGE has berated a radio caller who confessed he wished to reverse the Brexit choice throughout an intense exchange over the European Court of Justice.

The previous Ukip leader ripped into LBC caller Will from Evesham after he insisted he wished to “take a look at the truths” before confessing he would support another EU referendum.

The Brexiteer let rip after he was questioned on whether the UK had “typical values” with the European Union.

The MEP responded: “In numerous methods we do but so exactly what? We have typical values with lots of parts of the world.”.

But Will counter and called Mr Farage’s argument “completely fatuous”.

He stated: “Your argument is completely fatuous, that in some way the European Parliament and the British Parliament are in some way equally unique, they’re never.”.

The political leader then asked if the caller would more than happy for Britain to be under the jurisdiction of “foreign courts” after Brexit.

Will reacted: “It hasn’t took place yet, Nigel! And this is another fatuous argument dividing people into Remoaners … take a look at the realities Nigel.”.

But Mr Farage quipped: “We voted Brexit Will, we voted Brexit! Do you wish to reverse Brexit Will?”.

According to a brand-new index, the EU27 nations fall under 3 groups: hard-core, tough and soft. These are the nations with the greatest ratings which show a relatively strong opposition to Britain’s position.

Belgium: Guy Verhofstadt stated “The only winners from a Brexit would be Nigel Farage and Vladimir Putin; who would delight in a divided Europe.”

ROMANIA: Klaus Werner Iohannis will protect the rights of 400,000 Romanians in Britian.

SLOVAKIA: President Andrej Kiska. Slovakia will be command Brexit settlements.

Julian Glover: Theresa May must ‘swallow her pride’ over Brexit.

“I wish to take a look at the realities,” the caller responded before political leader blasted: “You’re not addressing me!”.

Will then confessed: “Absolutely, I would offer individuals another vote.”.

Having the last say on the heated argument, Mr Farage stated: “Thank you Will from Evesham, thank you quite undoubtedly. Will who does decline [Brexit]– we arrived in the end!”.

The clash follows Mr Farage assaulted needs by the European Union, firmly insisting the European Union’s greatest court keeps jurisdiction over all British trials till after the EU divorce.

It follows primary arbitrator Michel Barnier stated the ECJ should likewise have jurisdiction to ensure people’ rights.

Throughout a speech on Wednesday, Mr Barnier likewise pleased to deal with remarks made by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who informed Brussels to “go whistle” for the so-called divorce costs.

Inquired about his remarks, Mr Barnier stated: “I’m not hearing any whistling. Simply the clock ticking.”.