Officials Of The EU Present Compromise On Irish Border Backstop Deal


Officials of the European Union have proposed a compromise to the Irish border backstop deal in an attempt to break the deadlock in the discussions over Brexit.

Diplomats have present new proposals, under which Great Britain and Northern Ireland would continue to belong in a single customs territory under the rules of the World Trade Organization and still be connected with a customs union with Ireland and the rest of the European Union.

Some informed Reuters that the mainland of the United Kingdom could apply various trade rules without breaking the regulations of the WTO.

Earlier last month, Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, rejected a draft deal that was negotiated by both the officials of the United Kingdom and the European Union for Britain to continue to be part of the customs union of the European Union for the foreseeable future.

Since the rejection, the negotiations of Downing Street have intensified in an attempt to resolve the ongoing issue that is impeding the Brexit deal.

The compromise that was presented by the European Union would placate Ireland and Northern Ireland, which are both against a hard border and gives the United Kingdom more guarantees over staying in the customs unions.

The proposal is also aimed to satisfy the supporters of Brexit who wants the United Kingdom to be able to do its own trade deals.

It is understood to be broadly similar to the deal that was rejected by Downing Street. Reportedly, however, the original deal proposed keeping only Northern Ireland under customs rules of the European Union in order to avoid disrupting the peace through introducing barriers and checks.

The offer of Brussels for the United Kingdom as a whole to stay in a customs union was not popular with the supporters of Brexit. It was also ruled out by PM May even before the discussions started.