Ofwat candidates for chief executive position emerge

Cathryn Ross – via youtube.com

A three-way competition to become Britain’s topmost water chief is on its way ­after the abrupt departure of Ofwat chief executive Cathryn Ross.

To put up the pressure on water firms to invest in Britain’s pipework, it is assumed that the regulator has lessened down the contenders.

Sources stated that David Black, an executive at Ofwat, was contending for the position with Hannah Nixon from the Financial Conduct Authority and Richard Moriarty from the Civil Aviation Authority. The victor will be tasked with executing an administration outlined by Cathryn Ross, their predecessor.

Ms Ross, who resigned last month to head BT’s telecoms regulation issues, was widely recognized for transforming Ofwat’s strategy. She will also settle rules for the coming regulatory cycle, which starts in 2020, before she departs, meaning it is expected to be years before a new chief executive can make changes to the company.

Senior industry experts told The Sunday Telegraph that Ms Nixon was the front-runner for the position, which is expected to pay about £250,000 a year. She was a senior partner at the energy ­regulator for 6 years.

However, the industry’s long-term vision could endorse Mr Black who has previously held senior positions at Ofwat for 5 years.

Jonson Cox, Ofwat’s chairman, is ­scheduled to declare his new chief ­exec in the fall ahead of Ms Ross’s resignation at the end of 2017.