Oil tanker Sanchi is On Fire Following Collision on Coast of China

By kris krüg [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons

A tanker that is carrying oil that is said to be worth  $60m is on fire off the coast of China following a collision with another vessel.

The Iranian tanker Sanchi has 32 crew. All are reported to be missing while the 21 crew of the other cargo vessel have already been rescued.

The said incident happened late on Saturday evening about 300km off the coast of Shanghai as it was going towards Daesan in South Korea from the Kharg Island in Iran.

According to Reuters, the Chinese transport ministry said: “Sanchi is floating and burning as of now. There is an oil slick, and we are pushing forward with rescue efforts.”

The indications of the spill are as yet not clear, and authorities from both South Korea and China are already involved in the rescue efforts.

The tanker is registered in Panama. It is managed by the National Iranian Tanker Co (NITC), and it was carrying around 136,000 tonnes of ultra-light crude called the condensate, which is the equivalent of about one million barrels.

The last major oil spill happened in 2002 when the Prestige of Spain sank off the coast of Spain, leaking around 63,000 tonnes of oil into the Atlantic and creating one of the worst ecological disasters of Europe.