Online Music Archive of Neil Young Opens to the Public


    By Man Alive! [CC BY 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons

    Neil Young has been talking about his giant online archive for many years. However, he is finally set to deliver on his promises. The veteran Canadian rocker has unveiled the simply-titled Neil Young Archives, a website that features all the media that he has produced to date. And yes, we do mean that it includes everything – every song that Young has ever made. It is available to stream for free until the 30th of June 2018 via his Xstream Music service, including some of his tracks that are still unreleased.

    Young normally makes a huge deal out of the audio quality, which develops the stronger connection that you receive. He even dedicates his introductory message to a long tirade regarding the music quality choices of Apple on top of describing how the archive works. He would prefer that users listen on a computer, and he even has a guide to assist users in setting up access on their home stereo.

    Too much? You bet. And finally, it is working as a sales pitch for Xstream. However, it is still miles above the usual musician page that offers a few music videos and the occasional freebie. This is an insight into the entire history of Young as an artist, not just a promotion for his newest album.