ORB Poll: Voter Confidence in the UK Handling of Brexit Ebbs Away


On Tuesday, an opinion poll revealed that a record majority of Britons do not approve of the handling of Brexit talks of Prime Minister Theresa May and they are being more skeptical that withdrawing from the European Union will make the country better off.

ORB International stated that 66% of people did not approve of the conduct of the negotiations with the government, up from 64% the previous month.

The poll also revealed that only 27% were confident that PM May will get the right deal, compared with 47% who were not confident.

Trust in the handling of Theresa May of Brexit has slowing been reduced since she gambled away her majority in the parliamentary in a June election.

With only 17 months left until Britain is set to withdraw from the European Union, the absence of clear progress regarding the negotiations has raised concerns about an abrupt departure with no transition that businesses say that they require.

ORB said that for the first time, more Britons did not agree that Brexit will help the economy than agreed.

“There is no sign that the prime minister is beginning to turn things around when it comes to Brexit,” said ORB. “Overall these poll findings provide little encouragement for a prime minister facing multiple battles.”

As well as trying to breathe life into Brexit discussions May is dealing with an increasing sexual harassment scandal in the parliament of Britain. In the absence of an overall majority, May cannot afford to lose seats in the parliament.

Businesses have declared worries regarding the progress of Brexit discussions. On Monday, the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply said that almost two-thirds of European businesses planned to reduce orders from British suppliers.

Last month, Philip Hammond, the finance minister, said that a transition deal needed to be struck by early next year

2,044 people were surveyed by ORB in an online poll between November 3 and November 5.