Owners of Apple’s iPhone X Use the Face Recognition Technology to Make Poop Emojis Sing

Photo via TechCrunch

The technology that enables users to unlock the iPhone X of Apple with their face has been dubbed as “the most sophisticated technology that Apple has ever developed.” So, normally, users have been using it to make the poop emoji sing.

Ahe technology editor at Fast Company named Harry McCracken started the trend a few days before the official launch date.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” has been a remarkably popular choice. Also, any song performed Queen. Some of them even got pretty elaborate.

The videos all take advantage of the TrueDepth camera and infrared light of the phone, which also enable users to unlock the phone using a scan of their face—a function that is called Face ID. The front camera “projects and analyses more than 30,000 invisible dots to create a precise depth map of your face,” says Apple on its website. This technology is not unique to Apple. The Kinect of Microsoft has been doing comparable things for quite some time, noted Wired. However, because this is its first real application on Apple’s iPhone, the Animoji feature may be “a Trojan horse for making a creepy technology less creepy.”

The said software is intended to learn a face of a user over time, so it will be able to recognise a person even if they are growing out a beard or wearing makeup.

Reviews of the Face ID function of the iPhone X have been reservedly positive. Wired dubbed it as “a study in compromise.” even though it “generally works great,” noted The Verge, “the bad news is sometimes it doesn’t, and you’ll have to actively move the phone closer to your face to compensate.”

To make the animated emoji—or “Animoji”—the front camera “analyses more than 50 different muscle movements,” said the company. Twelve emojis are currently available to animate, including the robot,  the pig, and of course, the poop emoji.

The phone itself costs $1,000. One Gizmodo reviewer called it “the first cool iPhone in years.”