Parents should brace themselves as back-to-school costs soar


Studies show that parents usually pay approximately £175 to get their child prepared for a new school year.

According to a yearly poll from Nationwide Current Accounts, about £174.31 is being spent per child on things such as jumpers, blazers, ties, shoes, sports kit, and the like. This is a £12 decline compared with the average cost parents assumed they were paying last year, implying some are feeling pressure on their bank accounts.

Grandparents are also being urged to contribute, with 11% of parents thinking of asking their parents for help financially.

The study discovered shops chosen by the school a likely to be where UK parents purchase jumpers and sweatshirts, ties, sports kits, blazers, and other school needs.

On the other hand, supermarkets become an alternative choice for parents purchasing skirts, trousers, shirts, coats and jackets.

Some parents also stated they would go to a department store to get footwear.

Nationwide’s director of financial planning, Larry Banda, announced: “Families are often under enormous financial pressure throughout the year, and particularly so when the kids are going back to school. As much as your children will get too big for their shoes, you don’t want your bills to outgrow your wallet.

“There are a number of ways parents can cover the costs by planning ahead as much as possible. These include snapping up bargains when we see them, or building a pot of savings.

“And with the survey showing a quarter of parents use credit cards, we would always advocate making sure that you can afford the payments and to research the best deals for you.”

2,000 parents with children aged four to 16 who will be attending school this fall were polled.

According to Nationwide Current Accounts, here is how the costs per student sum up:

:: School uniform, £32.73

:: School shoes, £27.25

:: Jackets and coats, £22.52

:: Sports shoes, £19.96

:: Sports kit, £16.68

:: Sports equipment, £8.70

:: School bags, £13.53

:: Stationery, £9.94

:: Books, £7.92

:: Lunch boxes, £7.11

:: Technology, £7.97

Across the country, here is how the costs per student add up:

:: East Anglia, £158.14

:: East Midlands, £165.87

:: London, £184.89

:: North East, £171.37

:: North West, £180.13

:: Scotland, £180.05

:: South East, £170.06

:: South West, £169.39

:: Wales, £166.47

:: West Midlands, £158.64

:: Yorkshire and the Humber, £157.55

:: Northern Ireland, no data due to small sample size