Paris Flood: Trains are Suspended and the Lower Floor of the Louvre is Closed


Paris has already taken some precautions which include suspending some public transport and evacuating buildings as flooding in the city is anticipated to get worse.

Heavy rainfall has made the banks of the River Seine to burst, and the water is anticipated to rise even higher this weekend.

Today, the river could reach as high as 6.2 metres, around four metres higher than the usual level.

At least 395 people have already been evacuated from buildings that are at risk, while the Louvre art museum has already announced that it is closing its bottom floor.

A rail line which partially runs alongside the river, RER C, has been closed until next week, at least, and several roads are reported to be closed. Even river services have been suspended, meaning that tourists will not be able to try the delights of a boat tour around the city.

Previous major floods in France have produced a significant cost to the economy. It is believed that a flood of the Seine and Loire basins in 2016 had an effect of €1.42bn (£1.25bn). There are no confirmed estimates for the effect of this flood yet. However, it is believed that it could cost even more.