Parliament Set to Outsource Whistleblowing Process Amid Bullying Claims

    Photo by Oast House Archive via Wikimedia Commons

    Authorities from the Parliament are set to outsource whistle-blowing and complaint processes for peers and the staff of MPs after widespread bullying was discovered in Westminster.

    Trussell, a data company, found that an initial tender notice for a contract has already been circulated. Even though the deal has not been given a value yet, David Natzler, the accounting officer of the Parliament, estimated that such a move could cost the taxpayer up to £500,000 annually in a memo that was released earlier this year.

    Parliament has been urged to consider outsourcing its human resources services following the discovery of a survey of parliamentary staff at the end of last year that one in five people who were working in Westminster had experienced sexual harassment.

    Meanwhile, another survey of the employees of MPs and peers discovered that 53 percent said that they had witnessed, heard, or experienced bullying or harassment during their period of employment. Officials in the Parliament have attempted to improve the reporting systems in the wake of the said revelations, as well as proposing a new code of conduct and ensuring that the complainants and alleged perpetrators are provided with face-to-face support.

    The new HR contract would cover issues that involve discipline, whistle-blowing, and grievances, as well as terms of employment. Companies including Capita, the troubled support services group which has a human resources division, are anticipated to apply.