PayPal To Help Users Save and Invest Money With Acorns App


Lately, PayPal is funding various new digital services. Users can send cash to their friends through the money service with the use of Skype, Facebook Messenger, and even the own money cards of PayPal. The company also makes it easier to collect money for gifts and tip Twitch streamers. Now, users can also fund their Acorn investment account with PayPal, making it much easier to take care of their financial future.

Acorns is an app-based service that empowers users to invest their spare change in stocks, similar to other apps, such as Qapital. Once users connect their bank or PayPal account to Acorns, they can monitor it within PayPal, either in the PayPal app itself or online. They will also be able to check the value of their Acorns account, monitor their contributions and see their investment transfers all without having to launch the Acorns app. Users can make recurring or one-time investments with the use of PayPal funds, or they can have Acorns “round up” any purchases that they make with PayPal and invest that spare change.