Pensioners seeking good quality of life should head to West Sussex


According to a research covering England and Wales, the best quality of life retired people can get is offered by West Sussex.

Areas in southern and eastern England led the list, with Dorset, East Sussex, Devon, Norfolk and Suffolk also identified as top spots by Prudential.

Prudential studied a range of information including disability-free living expectancy, healthcare access, crime rate, pensioner populations, healthy living and the climate to make the conclusions. It used numbers from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the Met Office.

While no place in Wales made the top 10, Prudential said pensioners in those areas do have reasons to be happy, for instance, Gwynedd has an unusually high number of healthcare operators compared with the population volume, and Dyfed-Powys has reputable low crime rates.

With Fishbourne Roman Palace and Arundel Castle within its borders, West Sussex draws high numbers of pensioners and also gets good rankings for good climate and life expectancy for the abled.

Surrey has the highest pension earnings at £21,400 on average – nearly thirty-three percent higher than that in England and Wales.

Stan Russell, a retirement income specialist at Prudential, stated: “There are now 10.6 million people aged 65 or over in England and Wales, a million more than five years ago, and accounting for nearly one in five of the total population. So deciding on the right place to retire to is a challenge faced by a huge number of people each year.

“Our analysis shows that every part of the country has something different to offer pensioners, but the counties with the most attractive attributes tend to be along the southern and eastern coasts of England. Counties like West Sussex and Dorset may be attractive because of their low crime rates or the quality of their health care. However finding the right spot to live in such popular locations can be tricky.”

The top places to retire according to Prudential:

1. West Sussex

2. Dorset

3. East Sussex

4. Devon

5. Norfolk

6. Oxfordshire, Worcestershire

7. The Isle of Wight

8. Suffolk, North Yorkshire