Some People are Already Dropping their $1,000 iPhone Xs… in Hopes of Going Viral


The iPhone X is finally in the hands of users, and right on schedule, some customers are already dropping their $1,000 iPhones on the concrete… for purposes of testing, of course.

People may not understand why some people would ever intentionally destroy the very expensive iPhone X, but it seems that somebody out there needs to test how durable the newest phone of Apple is.

One such video that was recently uploaded to YouTube exposes a dude that is willfully raising his iPhone X over his head, then dropping the phone straight to the ground, allowing it to smash on the concrete and breaking most of its rear side.

Needless to say, even the toughest types of glass cannot survive this kind of drop. After the first drop in the video, the edge-to-edge display of the iPhone X mostly remains crack-free except for some few nicks in the corners.

After tossing it in the air another time, the glass back of the phone is shattered, showing bits and pieces of the hardware. The guy then goes up to the phone and tears out the wireless charging component from the back.

It is extremely cringe-worthy, and it serves as another great reminder that these new iPhones are way more delicate than the models from last year. Users should definitely purchase a case for their iPhone X, even if they hate using one. They should also avail of AppleCare or some type of device protection plan. Otherwise, they are going to be hurting from the insane out-of-warranty repair costs of Apple.

And since this is the internet, and because this is a new Apple iPhone, there are plenty other people dropping their new iPhone X’s — most of which appear like fake dummy models — in hopes of going viral. That AdSense money better be worth it.