People With Six-Figure Salaries Still Do Not Consider Themselves Rich


    Old habits seem to die hard as a study has suggested that those that have six-figure salaries believe that they are still struggling to make ends meet.

    A survey that was conducted with 350 people who earned over £100,000 per year suggested that a third did not consider themselves rich.

    The study was conducted by Caxton FX. It discovered that people that have six-figure salaries still tended to report some mindful spending habits: the majority still regularly look for the cheapest deals on flights, insurance, utilities, and food.

    Almost two-thirds even enjoy bragging to their friends about their savings, including some tactical ventures abroad to invest their money. Their money mainly went into cars, houses, watches, jewellery, boats, education, and healthcare procedures such as cosmetic surgery and dentistry.

    However, over half said that people who are not wealthy tend to openly talk about money, while 48 percent of the high earners said that they are “uncomfortable” with the conversation.