Personal Robots Are Reporedly Being Built by Amazon

Photo by JD Lasica from Flickr

Bloomberg reported that Amazon is building smart robots as part of a project that is named “Vesta.”

According to the report, the said robots will potentially be launched as soon as next year. The report says that the robots will be equipped with cameras that allow them to drive around the homes of their users.

However, the report did not disclose what kind of functions the robot will have. It only suggested that it might have features that are similar to an Amazon Echo. That implies that users may be able to speak with Alexa, the smart assistant of Amazon, through embedded speakers and microphones.

Some other companies are selling robots that can navigate around houses already.

For example, iRobot and Ecovacs Robotics are selling smart vacuums that have sensors that enable them to map the floorplan of a house. The sensors help the robots to smartly move around various obstacles including furniture and walls. Anything that Amazon builds must be just as smart.

If Amazon does continue with the said launch of a home robot, it will be the latest product of the company that brings it into our homes. The other in-home services of the e-commerce giant include the Amazon Fire T, its Amazon Key in-home delivery service, and the Amazon Echo smart speaker.

A spokesperson for Amazon was not immediately available to issue a comment regarding the matter.