Plans to spread digital growth to rural areas


Rural England and Scotland’s Rural College are starting a council which will try to find how best to help the digital economy in the UK’s districts.

The point of the report is to think of various strategies that will help support the development of the digital economy in rural areas. To do this, it is looking to see how to develop the digital economy in the farmland through online business, exports and better profitability.

Organisations, local experts and community groups are being made to present their perspectives as a major aspect of the consultation, authorised by Amazon.

Moreover, it is planning to find the level of digital skills in rural areas and how to further enhance them; what digital business means and services best help rural organisations; what enables companies to successfully relocate from urban areas; the sectors developing in the countryside likely to benefit most from digital technology; and the best rural places to set up a digitally-savvy firms.

Brian Wilson, chairman of directors at Rural England, stated: “Considerable attention has been paid to the lack of connectivity in rural parts of Britain. While that remains an important issue, we will look more at areas where there’s a strong digital infrastructure.”