Police Release London Museum Crash Driver as Enquiries Proceed


    On Sunday, British police said that a man that was arrested after a car crashed with pedestrians in London, injuring 11 people, had been set free under investigation while enquires continue.

    On Saturday, A 47-year-old was captured at the scene near the Natural History Museum of London on suspicion of unsafe driving.

    The Metropolitan Police said that he was treated in the hospital before being brought to a police station in north London,

    “This morning he was released under investigation while enquiries continue,” stated the police.

    People that are released under investigation are not obliged to attend again at a police station but can be contacted, and arrested again, in some incidences, after additional police enquiries.

    On Saturday afternoon, a vehicle mounted the pavement and crashed with pedestrians in one of the busiest tourist areas of the capital. However, police doused concerns that it was a terrorist attack.

    “Because of where this collision occurred and the number of pedestrians involved, I fully appreciate the concern and alarm this incident caused,” said DC Darren Case from the Roads and Transport Policing Command on Sunday.

    “Enquiries have established that this incident is not terrorist-related …Thankfully there are no serious injuries with the majority now discharged from the hospital.”