Police Responded to Reports of Active Shooter in Youtube Headquarters

Photo by jm3 on Flickr

According to the Twitter feed of San Bruno’s department, police officers have responded to an “active shooter” near the headquarters of YouTube,  and have requested people to stay away from the said area.

Some employees of YouTube tweeted that they had heard some gunshots fired. According to a CBS affiliate, KPIX, there have been some injuries. The chief communications officer for Zuckerberg San Francisco Hospital, Brent Andrew, confirmed that some people had already been transported to the hospital from the headquarters of YouTube, but they did not disclose the exact amount. He stated: “We don’t have any numbers yet, but we’re expecting more.”

According to various news reports, the shooter was identified to be a woman and is now dead.

A youtube employee, Vadim Lavrusik, tweeted: “Active shooter at YouTube HQ. Heard shots and saw people running while at my desk. Now barricaded inside a room with coworkers.”

Another employee from YouTube that was contacted by CNET said that he could not talk and immediately hung up. The parent company of YouTube, Google, said that it is coordinating with authorities.

Todd Sherman, a project manager, said that he was sitting in a meeting when he heard that people were running to evacuate from the building. Upon exiting the room, he saw some “blood drips on the floor and stairs” and heard some people say that there was a potential shooter before he was able to escape the building.

He stated: “Police cruisers pull up, hopped out with rifles ready and I told them where the situation was as I headed down the street to meet up with a couple team members.”

Google tweeted: “Re: YouTube situation, we are coordinating with authorities and will provide official information here from Google and YouTube as it becomes available.”

There were a heavy police presence and at least three helicopters overhead at the scene. A nearby freeway, Interstate 280, was also shut down.

A witness that was inside a nearby Walmart eCommerce Corporate headquarters informed reporters that his building had also been locked down. He said that the employees had been directed to stay away from windows. He said that what seemed to be SWAT team members entered the building of YouTube with guns drawn and quarantined the area. in a text, he said: “Dozens of cop cars, ambulance fire trucks and swat trucks. 20-30 or so total.”

A spokesperson from Walmart was not immediately available for comment.

The subsidiary of Google is the largest online video site in the world, with over a billion visitors per month.