Political Ad Tracking Tools Launched By Twitter Ahead Of EU Elections


Some new tools has been introduced by Twitter in Europe to make it easier for its users to identify ads that are paid for by political campaigns. The said launch comes ahead of the key elections that is scheduled this coming May.

The news comes after similar moves that were initiated by fellow Facebook, a social media comapny, as various tech platforms are making preparations to face possible regulation and renewed disinformation attempts from hostile actors.

The European Union has slammed Russia of spreading extremism and fake news and online via such methods, which has bee repeatedly denied by Russia.

The new ad campaigns policy of Twitter was first tested during the mid-term elections of the United States of Americ. It will also be launched in Australia and India ahead of elections in those countries.

The advertisements on Twitter that aims to endorse a candidate or political party will now be viewable in a separate database, which will supposedly catalogue ads alongside some information that would include its billing information, ad spending, and the demographics that it is targetting.

The database is said to be available indefinitely, unlike the library of Facebook which holds the ads for a maximum of seven years.

The ads will also appear with a visual disclaimer to reveal who paid for them. Those wishing to purchase ads on Twitter will have to undergo a verification process, which will be accepting applications starting from the 11th March.

In a blog post that was aimed to announce the move, Twitter stated: “We strongly believe that meaningful transparency is the best path forward for all advertising products we offer, particularly those that are utilised in a political context.”

It added: “This is part of our overall commitment to protect the health of the public conversation on our service.”