Poll Discovers that Support for Brexit has Hit a New Low


According to a new poll, support for Brexit has declined to its lowest point since the referendum.

With under a year and a half to go until Britain withdraws from the European Union, a new YouGov poll for the Times discovers that just 42 percent of voters currently believe that Britain was right to support Brexit, with 47 percent saying that it was wrong.

This is the lowest level of support that YouGov had recorded for Brexit since June 2016 when Britain voted to leave the European Union.

The poll discovered that significant numbers of Brexit voters had changed their mind. 7 percent of Leave voters currently say that they were wrong to support Brexit with a further 7% saying they do not know.

As Brexit negotiations hit a “deadlock” regarding the divorce bill of Britain, the poll also discovered a growing majority of people now think that the government are badly handling negotiations.

64 percent say that May’s government are mishandling discussions with just 21 percent saying that they are going well.

There are also growing concerns regarding the impact of Brexit on the economy. 44 percent say that Brexit will make Britain worse off compared to just 23 percent who say that Britain will be better off.

A majority of voters also stated that Brexit would be bad for pensions and jobs, damage the NHS, and leave Britain with less influence in the world. However, a plurality of voters continues to believe that the decision will lower immigration.