Popular Messaging App Sarahah Pulled Out From App Stores After Complaints of Abuse


Photo by William Hook/Flickr

One of the most famous anonymous messaging apps today that is called Sarahah has been pulled out from the app stores.

The messaging app enabled users to communicate with other people entirely anonymously. Some critics say that the chat app was being utilised by bullies and that it encouraged people to send other people abuse. The app has been popular for months and has also been criticised for almost as long, along with other similar services such as Ask FM and Curious Cat.

The app had been described as a “breeding ground for hate” after it took off, with various users warning that it was endangering its users over summer.

The said app was banned following a viral petition that was set up by Katrina Collins. She said that it was being utilised to send horrifying and anonymous messages to her daughter. She said that messages in the app told her daughter to kill herself and the messages included some other abusive languages. She said that the app should be shut down already.

“Both the App Store and Google Play have policies against apps that facilitate bullying, harassment or self-harm,” read the petition. “Why then is Sarahah still available on these platforms?”

Over 450,000 people signed the said petition, many sharing their own stories of the abuse that they experience on the platform.

Currently, both Google and Apple have removed the app from their app stores, presumably as a response to the backlash that is represented by the petition.

However, Sarahah not being available in the app stores does not mean that it will be taken off the phones of other people. It will just mean that people cannot purchase it anymore, limiting the spread of the app drastically.

Google has presented a response to the petition while claiming that the company does not actually comment on specific apps.

Google stated: “While we don’t comment on specific apps, our Google Play policies are designed to provide a great experience for users. We always do our best to work closely with developers to ensure they’re in compliance with our policies.”