Porsche To Stop Offering Diesel Versions


In an interview with a weekly newspaper, the chief executive of Porche said that Volkswagen will stop offering the diesel versions of the cars of the unit. It comes as a response to ever the harder requirements imposed to curb CO2 emissions.

In an interview with Bild am Sonntag, Oliver Blume stated: “There won’t be any more diesel cars from Porsche in the future.”

He continued: “We have never developed and produced diesel engines ourselves. Still, Porsche’s image has suffered. The diesel crisis has caused us a lot of trouble.”

Bild am Sonntag said that Porsche has sold diesel versions of its cars for almost a decade already.

Volkswagen has confessed to deliberately cheating the diesel emissions tests, sending shockwaves through the industry of automotives and prompting a sector-wide crackdown on polluting diesel engines.

Blume stated that going forward, Porsche wanted to concentrate on products that it was good at. He said: “It’s emotional, powerful petrol cars and hybrids and from 2019 this will also include all-electric vehicles.”

Blume was quoted as saying by the paper that the current owners of Porsche models that have diesel engines would continue to be serviced.

The announcement also comes after Volkswagen has announced a major push to manufacture millions of reasonably-priced, all-electric cars.