Porsche To Have Electric Versions Of All Its Models


Last Friday, Porsche said that the company will have electrified more than half of its entire model range — either with a fully battery-electric or a plug-in hybrid option — by 2025. The German automaker is planning to electrify each one of its models by 2030.

At the annual press conference of the carmaker that was held last Friday, Porche’s deputy chairman of the executive board, Lutz Meschke, stated: “One thing is clear: From 2030 onward, there probably won’t be any vehicle model from Porsche without an electric variant.”

The company clarified that it will not stop manufacturing internal combustion engine cars over the next decade, however, it has committed to investing more than €6 billion (£5.1 billion, $6.8 billion) into its electrification shift by 2022. The automaker stopped the production of diesel vehicles last year.

Oliver Blume, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, stated: “Since 2012, our workforce has more than doubled, and electromobility is another job engine.”

He added: “We are creating 1,500 new jobs for the Taycan alone.”

That stands in contrast to Volkswagen, the owner of Porsche. This week, it announced that it would need to slash thousands of jobs in Germany as making the electric vehicles requires fewer workers as compared to putting together an internal combustion engine car.

The Taycan is scheduled to launch at the end of the year. Reportedly, it will be the first fully-electric car from Porsche. Declarations of interest in pre-ordering the Taycan have already shot past the original production target of the car which is 20,000. Porsche did not officially disclose what the new, increased production figure will be.

This year, Porsche announced that its bestselling Macan SUV will also go electric. Last year, the model sold more than 86,000 across the globe. Last Friday, Porsche also confirmed that the fully electric Cross Turismo SUV will be out starting next year.