Postmen canine attack ‘greatest in Northern Ireland’


Northern Ireland had the greatest variety of pet dog attacks on postal employees in the UK in 2015, inning accordance with Royal Mail.

There were 67 attacks on postmen in Northern Ireland from April 2016 to April 2017.
That was an increase of 20% on the previous year, whereas throughout the UK the variety of attacks comes by 7%.

Over the last 5 years, there have actually been 329 attacks on postmen in Northern Ireland and 14,500 throughout the UK.

Gary, a postman for 16 years, was bitten by a German shepherd

“I was simply entering into the driveway – the pet’s typically secured to be reasonable, but for some factor it remained in the driveway.

” I withdrawed and it simply assaulted me and the very first thing it did was get my leg and shake it – it shook me as if it was a shark or crocodile.

“Even to this day it’s still uncomfortable.
” I didn’t truly think much about the attack at the time, but a few weeks later on I simply took an anxiety attack over it, that’s when the injury truly started and I required counselling after that.

” Since this taken place to me I’ve bewared about entering into homes with pets because of it. It should not be part and parcel of the job, getting assaulted.

” Owners need to take duty.”

In the in 2015, 71% of pet dog attacks on postal employees have actually occurred at the front door or in the front garden.

‘ Life-changing injuries’

The variety of attacks increases throughout the school vacations and in the summer season when moms and dads and kids are at home, states Royal Mail.

Royal Mail states that at these times, pet dogs are most likely to be not being watched or not kept under control when the postman or lady knocks on the door.

Paul Sweeney, Royal Mail’s general supervisor Northern Ireland, stated a few of the attacks have actually triggered life-altering injuries.
” Our postmen and females have to have the ability to provide the service they supply to neighborhoods throughout the UK, without the threat of injury,” her stated.

” This is why this project is so crucial. We have to keep raising awareness of this major issue and ask all canine owners to keep their family pets under control and be an accountable pet dog owner.”