Pound drops below $1.30 despite claims that Sterling could end on a high note this week


Despite predictions that the pound could end the week in a favourable position, the exchange rate has dropped sharply from a comparative high to below $1.30 today. The Brexit negotiations have caused a dramatic shift in the value of the pound over the past few months and, with experts unable to predict which way the pound’s value will sway, currency buyers and holidaymakers have been left reeling.

More than a quarter of holidaymakers choose to sort out their holiday money less than a month before they go abroad, leaving them helpless against the power that Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations can have on the exchange rate.

Greg Baggio, Head of FX at WeSwap:

“All travel experts will tell you that, when it comes to travel money, it pays to be prepared. This doesn’t just mean taking advantage of the best rates in advance of your trip. Despite performing at a twelve month high this month, the pound has plummeted amidst this political uncertainty. In order for holidaymakers to ensure they get the best exchange rates, they should be aware of these important dates and plan when they buy their holiday money accordingly. WeSwap’s research has found that nearly half of all Brits find and buy their foreign currency in the space of one day, leaving them vulnerable to forces beyond their control that dictate the strength of the pound. When shopping across travel money providers, UK travellers should also shop across a period of time for a stronger rate. Without the use of technology that allows users to set their desired exchange rate, holidaymakers are left watching the exchange rate move up and down. With increases to Air Passenger Duty looming this April, along with the uncertainty surrounding how leaving the EU will affect our holiday plans, we simply cannot afford to buy our foreign currency in the space of one day as it will leave us susceptible to losses to the tune of hundreds.”