Prague named cheapest city for culture vultures


Art lovers looking for the cheapest city break could consider going to Prague, a study suggests.

The price of six cultural sightings in Prague has dropped by almost 26% since 2016 to £93.58, according to the Post Office’s yearly Cost of Culture record, making it the most affordable stop in the poll.

London was put in 12th place in the study at a total of £282.30 – a rise of 10.5% on compared a year ago.

The study looked at the charges for UK tourists of touring museums, galleries, heritage places and dance and music shows in 16 cities having world-class spots.

Prague is the number one of three cities, along with Moscow and Rome, where costs were found to have plunged for UK tourists this year, notwithstanding declines in the pound’s value.

After Prague, Warsaw, Budapest and Moscow were named as being the most affordable for culture vultures of the 16 cities studied.

The head of travel money at the Post Office, Andrew Brown, announced: “More UK holidaymakers are taking city breaks than any other type of overseas trip and our latest consumer research confirms that a city’s cultural attractions are the most important consideration when deciding where to visit.

“However, this year’s Cost of Culture report found that performance and entry prices vary dramatically between cities.

“Culture vultures looking for good value can save hundreds of pounds by doing their homework before booking and swapping expensive cities for cheaper ones.”

The conclusions were based on summing up the cost of a pass for the opera, the ballet, a classical performance and entry to a gallery, art museum and heritage site in each city.

List of cities ranked by cost, with the percentage change compared to 2016, according to the Post Office’s data:

1. Prague, £93.58, minus 25.9%

2. Warsaw, £93.97, 45.6%

3. Budapest, £111.58, 42.9%

4. Moscow, £125.38, minus 19.3%

5. Stockholm, £166.90, 13.6%

6. Berlin, £204.46, 2.5%

7. Brussels, £211.83, 32.5%

8. Rome, £222.87, minus 5.9%

9. Amsterdam, £256.05, 8.7%

10. Copenhagen, £259.32, 11.9%

11. Vienna, £281.91, 23.4%

12. London, £282.30, 10.5%

13. Paris, £287.34, 25.9%

14. Madrid, £300.23, 25.8%

15. Barcelona, £313.12, 13.2%

16. New York, £342.26, 12.6%