Pressure Intensifies on UK Government to Release Full Analysis on Brexit

Photo by Policy Exchange/Flickr

The chairperson of the Treasury Select Committee has added her voice to the group of MPs that demand that the government release its full analysis regarding Brexit.

Nicky Morgan has written to David Davis, the Brexit secretary, in order to express the  “full support” of the committee for publishing the document that is called EU Exit Analysis: Cross Whitehall Briefing that should be available to parliament and the public.

Yesterday, a part of the document was leaked to Buzzfeed revealing that government modelling predict lower growth in all scenarios that are looked at.

However, Steve Baker, the Brexit minister, rejected calls for the assessment to be released in full, stating that the government of the United Kingdom would make “appropriate” information available to MPs prior to the vote on the final deal, which will not occur until October at the earliest. That was echoed by Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, during her trip to China this morning.

This afternoon, Labour has won a vote that will compel the government of the United Kingdom to hand over the full document to the Brexit Select Committee that is chaired by Hilary Benn.

Keir Starmer, the Shadow Brexit secretary, said that it was “a victory for Parliament and for our country.”

The government of the United Kingdom now has until the end of this week to pass on the said information. “To not do so would obstruct the will of Parliament,” said Starmer.

“I look forward to studying the documents in full and helping to ensure that in future Brexit policy is driven by evidence, not ideology. It’s time the Prime Minister reflected on her reckless redlines that are clearly not in the national interest.”

A cross-party group consisting of 47 MPs have already written to Davis demanding that he publish the work more widely, which is currently being echoed by Morgan and her committee.

She stated: “To ensure that Parliament and the public have the best-informed debate about the future of the UK outside the EU, the Government should publish this document immediately.

“The document can hardly undermine the government’s negotiating position if it does not consider the government’s desired outcome.

“On the contrary, transparency about the consequences of the ‘off-the-shelf’ options that have been modelled will stimulate public debate, strengthen the government’s negotiating hand, and improve the final deal that is reached between the UK and the EU.

“The committee agrees with the Prime Minister that further ‘appropriate analysis’ should be made available when Parliament comes to scrutinise the terms of departure. The committee has previously recommended that this should include a ‘special forecast’ from the OBR, incorporating the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement.”