Probe On Facebook Data Breach Launched By Irish Regulator


An investigation over the cyber attack o Facebook last week has been launched by the Irish Data Protection Office. The said hack saw more than 90 million accounts possibly affected.

The data regulator of Ireland will open the case against Facebook under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), as it confirmed that less than 10 percent of the users who were affected were residents of the European Union.

Last Friday, Facebook disclosed that it had identified 50 million accounts which were definitely involved in the said breach, as well as an additional 40 million who could have possibly been affected because of vulnerabilities in the code of Facebook.

Once it is found guilty of breaching the rules of the GDPR, a fine of up to four percent of its global annual turnover, or $1.63 billlion (£1.25 billion) could be imposed on the social media giant.

Last Friday, the deputy commissioner of operations for the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) of the United Kingdom, James Dipple-Johnstone, stated: “We will be making enquiries with Facebook and our overseas counterparts to establish the scale of the breach and if any UK citizens have been affected.”

The company said that it is working alongside the Irish regulator to discover preliminary information that is surrounding the hack.

Facebook discovered the said breach last Tuesday. It later alerted regulators on the same day prior to going public with the hack last Friday. This indicates that it fell under the 72-hour deadline for alerting the authorities of a breach, which if not met, can trigger an additional fine that would amount to up to two percent of its global revenue.

It is not yet revealed whether accounts on platforms which users access through their Facebook log-in information, such as Instagram and Spotify, have also been affected by the breach.

Yesterday, a class action was already filed against Facebook on behalf of all the users in the United States. According to Bloomberg, it claims that the business was negligent in protecting the information of its customers and to whom GDPR rules do not apply.

Yesterday, the share price of Facebook closed down by 1.23 percent.