Project Sunroof of Google Urges Consumers to Switch to Solar Panels

By Lucas Braun from Wikimedia Commons

Google, the tech giant, is now offering a solar power service that enables its users to know the amount of money that they would be able to save by switching to solar panels by measuring the solar potential.

The project is launched in cooperation with E.ON, an energy company. It is called Project Sunroof and it uses the information from Google Maps and Google Earth in order to determine the potential savings of the customers.

The project was originally released in the United States in 2015. In order to test the accuracy of the said technology, the online service will now be available in the United Kingdom. Tetraeder, a German software company, was also involved in the development of the technology.

Currently, the said service is only available in some regions of the United Kingdom including Brighton, Birmingham, Reading Newcastle, Liverpool, and some parts of London.

E.ON stated: “We have joined forces with Google to bring their Project Sunroof technology to our solar calculator.”

“In specific areas of Britain, you will be able to see the amount of sun that hits the roof of your home. We can then accurately calculate the savings you could make by installing solar panels,” it added.

The solar calculator allows the users to provide their address and it automatically calculates the savings estimate of the customer based on factors such as angle, roof area, weather data, and sun positioning.

According to Leonie Greene, the director of new markets at the Solar Trade Association, solar-powered homes are already becoming increasingly mainstream. She said that over 800,000 homes in the United Kingdom are already taking advantage of the renewable technology.

Greene also noted that the cost of installation and equipment had already been drastically reduced over the past few years and that good quality panels are already available from around £5,000.