Pump Prices At A Four-Year High This Christmas


Photo © Copyright David Dixon

This Christmas, drivers are experiencing the highest pump prices since 2013.

According to the AA, people who are travelling over 200 miles to be with their families on the day of Christmas will be required to spend an additional £5 on petrol if they choose to fill up on the motorway, as compared to a supermarket.

In the middle of this week, Petrol averaged 120.69p per litre, as opposed to the 115.8p per litre in 2016.

At Christmas in 2014 and 2015, prices were at 115.8p and 103.4p, respectively.

A 200-mile trip to Manchester from London this Christmas will normally cost £26.47 from an Asda fuel pump at 116.59p per litre. However, according to the research of AA, it could cost as much as £31.08 from an M25 motorway service area pump (136.9p a litre).

The AA’s president, Edmund King, said that the government should create new measures to aid drivers.

King stated: “Travellers under pressure, whether during work hours or heavy-traffic periods such as the Christmas getaway, feel abused.

“This could change next year if the government stands up for the people who elect them and introduces the pump price transparency and competition championed across Europe – information systems that led to Austrian petrol prices falling by as much as 3.6 percent and diesel costs down between 1.5 percent and 2.5 percent.”