Qualcomm: Comments Of Apple Chief ‘Misleading’


Last Wednesday, Qualcomm, a chipmaker, has accused Tim Cook, the chief executive of Apple, of making ‘misleading’ comments. It comes after the tech boss claimed that settlement negotiations between the two rowing firms already ended last September.

Apple and Qualcomm have been embroiled in various ongoing lawsuits that surround hardware patents for the chips that are used in the tech giant’s iPhone and other products, which Qualcomm claims infringe on its intellectual property.

Last Tuesday, Cook said that any discussions between the two companies had ended in September, while Steve Mollenkopf, the chief executive of Qualcomm, among other executive colleagues had publicly said that the discussions were ongoing as late as last December.

In an interview with the CNBC, the Apple boss disclosed: “The truth is, we haven’t been in any settlement discussions with them since the third calendar quarter of last year.”

He added: “That is the truth. So I’m not sure where that thinking is coming from.”

As a response to the comments, a spokesperson for Qualcomm said in a statement: “We have been consistent for the last 18 months in making clear that we have, at various times, been in discussions with Apple about a possible resolution to our licensing dispute.”

He added: “We have also stated clearly on several occasions that we believe it will be resolved, one way or the other, in the near future, either through a settlement or court decisions.”

Late last year, Qualcomm claimed victory over Apple in two patent court cases in Germany and China. The primary case between the two firms, in which Apple has sued Qualcomm of engaging in illegal patent activity in order to maintain market dominance, is scheduled to go to trial in April.

Last month, the legal representation of Apple in the lawsuits said that the discussions between the two companies had ended months ago. Last Thursday, Qualcomm told Reuters that it stands by the remarks made by Mollenkopf last November, in which he said that they were “on the doorstep of finding a resolution.”

When asked for a response to the latest comments of Qualcomm, a spokesperson for Apple pointed to the earlier CNBC statements of Cook.