Queen Honors Cities Struck by Terror In Annual Christmas Message


    Queen Elizabeth II is making use of her annual Christmas message in order to pay tribute to the way that the cities of Manchester and London pulled together following the extremist attacks this year.

    Remarks that were pre-recorded by the 91-year-old monarch will be televised on Christmas Day across the United Kingdom and the other 51 Commonwealth countries.

    Excerpts that were released by Buckingham Palace show Queen Elizabeth praising the “powerful identities” of London and Manchester.

    The queen together with Prince Philip, her husband, and the other members of the royal family plan to attend a church service on Monday on the grounds of the country estate of Queen Elizabeth in Sandringham. They normally mingle with the locals who come to watch them arrive at the church.

    The royal family will have a private lunch scheduled afterwards. This is the first Christmas that the family will be joined by the American actress Meghan Markle, the fiancee of Prince Harry.

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