Quorn Set to Replace ’12 pack of sausage rolls’ After Mockery in Twitter


Quorn, a Veggie food firm, says that it will change “misleading” packaging on its sausage roll packs following a series of criticism on social media.

The company is well-known for its meat substitute food and meals. However, it was mocked for the description that was hidden on a packet of 12 rolls.

Dan Douglas purchased a pack from a supermarket in Sydenham, London. However, he highlighted an asterisk that was on the packaging which says that they could be served as “12 mini rolls when cut into 4’s.”

He asked: “Have you ever seen something so brazen.”

His tweet brought hundreds of responses, and it has been retweeted nearly 25,000 times. It also prompted Quorn to take action.

Quorn said in a reply which was also posted on Twitter: “Here at Quorn, we like to think of ourselves as honest and humble, not brazen or confusing. As a result, we’re going to be changing our Quorn Sausage Rolls packaging in the New Year.”

An official response from Quorn said that the issue would be addressed as soon as the next packaging print run was initiated in the new year.

Quorn continued: “Having seen the comments from consumers over the weekend, we agree that the product descriptor has the potential to cause confusion.”