Record Number of Redesigned Wranglers Sold by Jeep

Photo by JamesHenry from Flickr

The Jeep Wrangler is a rugged SUV that has a resemblance to the vehicles that are used by the military and has historically been intended for enthusiasts who are interested in crawling up boulders and ploughing through enormous mud puddles.

However, Jeep was able to sell a record number of the new Wranglers, as car buyers in the United States display an ever greater favour for sport utility vehicles and trucks.

Fiat Chrysler said that it was able to sell approximately 27,829 Wranglers last March, a 70 percent increase as compared to the previous year. That was recorded to be more than any other model of the Jeep, including the Cherokee, which sold around 23,764 units, which a 63 percent increase over the past year.

The overall sales of the Jeep was able to set a new record, increasing by 45 percent to 98,382 vehicles.

Being an entirely SUV brand makes Jeep well-suited to an ever-changing market.

The senior vice president of forecasting at LMC Automotive, Jeff Schuster, stated: “Jeep has had a phenomenal month.” LMC Automotive keeps track of the industry.

He added: “It is really well aligned with the market, in part because of the heavy focus on SUVs in the market. That is what they do.”

Jeep introduced an update to the Wrangler for the 2018 model year to offer more of the comforts that were not historically seen on older and more spartan Wranglers. The new model still offers key off-road features, which includes locking differentials and a roll cage. However, the latest version comes with features that includes a push-button ignition and the fourth-generation Uconnect infotainment system of Chrysler.

Schuster said that it is possible that many of the people who are buying Wranglers are not taking the vehicles off-road at all. He said that part of the appeal of the vehicles is the styling and design of the vehicle.

He said: “I would say a high proportion of Wranglers never see dirt.”