Red iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Models May Be Launched by Apple This Week

By Tinh tế Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Apple might be set to spice up the colour selection of the iPhone 8 series much as the tech giant did for the iPhone 7 series in 2017. MacRumors were able to obtain a memo from Virgin Mobile that claims that Red versions of the 8 and 8 Plus will soon be unveiled, possibly as early as the 9th of April. However, it is not clear whether they will be shipped this week, but people would not anticipate a long delay between the press release of the product and its availability. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, who historically, has been an accurate source of leaks regarding Apple, supported the story.

Notably, there is no word regarding a similarly crimson-shaded version for the iPhone X. People might have to be satisfied with the existing monochromatic options of the model. Not that it would be surprising– the X is already an expensive handset, to begin with, and it may be harder to sell it in a special edition colour. This does not completely rule out extra colours, but we would not count on them.

If the said leak is accurate, Apple must be pursuing a usual strategy for device makers: it is rolling out new colour options to place its hardware back in the spotlight and lure buyers who desired livelier options. It is not going to have the same outcome as introducing a brand new iPhone. However, it might rekindle adequate interest to keep its sales steady until the typical fall refresh.