Research Finds That Majority Of Brits Want To Move To Europe Despite Brexit


According to a poll that was conducted by Sapio Research, just more than half of Brits are considering to move abroad — either now or in the future — despite an impending Brexit.

The research was conducted on behalf of Crown Relocations, a global relocation and moving services firm, surveyed 1,000 people last January, across various demographic groups that are currently considering relocating abroad.

It discovered that Europe was considered as the number one destination for those who are looking to move abroad. The poll disclosed that 50 percent of the retirees considered Europe as the prime destination while 26 percent of millennials are considering the continent for relocation.

The general manager at Crown Relocations, Andy Buckle, stated: “Despite the nation voting to leave the EU, we still consider it our closest neighbour and our number one destination for a move abroad – especially if we’re looking to retire.”

He added: “Post-Brexit it may not be as easy to relocate or emigrate to ex-member states and those considering a move will need to take expert advice.”

The safety in Europe is the main reason why a majority of Brits still eye the continent for relocation. In comparison, the United States only gained 10 percent of the vote in the poll because of the level of gun crime. Around 46 percent said that they would avoid the United States of America because of President Donald Trump. Only 2 percent of those who are looking to relocate said that they wanted to move to the Middle East, while 13 percent said that they would opt for Asia.